Preparing Your New Crew Members For Success

As the proprietor of an asphalt paving company, you have a lot on your mind.

If you are still relatively new in the business, you might not yet have fully realized the implications of the job.

If not that long ago you were an employee or perhaps, a sole trader, you will be used to performing the job alright – but you won’t be aware of everything else that goes with it.

Namely, the overseeing of your crew!

Employee management is now suddenly your job – and the rest of it.


When you engage a new crew member, you should not only be thinking about training that team member up for the job you have hired them for.

You want to be planning for the future as well – both theirs and yours!


As the manager or the owner of an asphalt paving company, if you are not on the lookout for new talent, you should be!

You should be permanently looking for team members, who will rise and grow, within your crew.

Don’t only be thinking about giving them the training to do their job. You should be trying to develop their talents further.

At the back of your mind, should be that you will one day need a team superintendent or supervisor, or someone who can do more for you.

But how do you spot that sort of potential in a new employee?

Here are some of the things to be looking for, in your crew members.


Any potential supervisor or foreman will impress you with their can do attitude to the job.


A rising star in your company will always be on time for the job.


Someone with potential will already be seeking answers to the issues that they face.

Instead of coming to you with problems, they will suggest answers to them.


It should go without saying that any future superintendent for your asphalt paving company will be able to work as a member of a team.

Be on the look out for someone who is a good team player and gets on with all the crew. But they should also be respected by the team and not just liked by them.


As well as being a strong team player, your potential new recruit should have a responsible nature.

This means taking responsibility for their own actions and work. But it also means taking responsibility for their crew’s work as well.

Be on the lookout for someone with these qualities, they could be the rising star that you need.


Does your new team member have the right clothing for the job?

A team member with all the right kit knows about and respects their safety. This is the kind of attitude you need in a foreman or superintendent.


Once you have hired your team member, this is just the beginning.

As talented as they may be, all team members need nurturing.

Any good asphalt paving company should be looking at preparing their crew as best as they can do.

This means investing in their training and development.

What courses are there, that your crew could benefit from?

Also, think about the culture within your company.

Your newest recruits will benefit from a mentor, within the team, who can help and nurture them.

All team members should be given the option to have a mentor on board – not just the ones you have identified as potential superintendents.

Remember, the greater the investment you make in your crew, the greater the rewards you will all reap as a company.